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E. Nathan Harris is a distinguished attorney from the city of Hoover, Alabama. He graduated from the Law School of the University of Alabama. He also holds a degree in Marketing with a concentration in International Business, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL. Mr. Harris is a member of the Alabama Bar Association, the Birmingham Bar Association and the Alabama Association for Justice.

The graduate focuses on personal injury par excellence and is a leading advocate for minority rights in the Birmingham area.
His decision to become a lawyer was natural. He always wanted to help people and realized that the best way was through law.
After serving for a period of time as legal assistant to the Constituent Assembly in Ecuador, the graduate completed an internship at his university related to the right of immigrants who tried to sue for personal injuries. This aroused a deep appreciation and understanding for Hispanics. This interest in defending the rights of undocumented immigrants and other minorities is a unique specialization within the personal injury law and this has been their focus. Currently, Mr. Harris manages two fully bilingual law firms, one in Alabama and one in Tennessee.

As a leader in your area, analyze how immigration status could affect a person’s legal status. Furthermore, because immigration status is a concern for immigrants in cases of personal injury, the buffet has several immigration attorneys.

Despite his accomplishments, Mr. Harris sees a successful future, and that’s why he will continue to represent Hispanics and other minorities in Alabama and Tennessee.


Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents, Work Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Serious Injury, Death by Negligence and Labor Issues.