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John Klopfenstein received his law degree from San Diego’s Thomas Jefferson School of Law and has been practicing in California since 1993. During his 20 plus years practicing law, and more than 10,000 cases John Klopfenstein has shown incredible success getting his clients lesser charges and abbreviated prison terms.

John has a diverse background when it comes to the law. In the mid-1990’s, he had his own practice in Beverly Hills litigating personal injury cases on behalf of other attorneys. After acquiring valuable experience in civil court, he went on to work as a public defender for fifteen years between 1997 and 2012, serving the California counties of Yolo and Monterey for ten and five years.

In 2007 John was asked to teach Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at Parma, the oldest and most prestigious University in all of Italy. During this time he also worked with Italy’s most famous law professor Mr. Cadopi working together as he was commissioned by the Italian Government to rewrite the Italian Penal Code basing it on American Law from NY and California. This experience as well as his many years as an award winning public defender allowed John to gain a great deal of crucial insight into the workings of the California criminal justice system.

In these 20 years he has taken on thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases and handled more than 100 jury trials which has allowed him to lay the foundation for his successful criminal defense practice. This diverse background is what underlies the success of the Law Office of John Klopfenstein when it comes to helping residents of Salinas, Hollister, and the rest of Monterey County address tough legal issues.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, California – J.D. (1993)
University of California at Los Angeles, LA, California – Post-graduate litigation certificate (1988)
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington – B.A. (1988)
State Association of California (1993)
US Federal Court – Central District of California (1993)

We Offer Fearless, Experienced Criminal Defense For Clients In Salinas, Hollister, And The Surrounding Communities In Monterey County Who Are Facing Charges Such As:
Drunk driving (DWI / DUI)
Drug crimes
Weapons crimes
Fraud and other white collar crimes
Juvenile crimes
Traffic violations
Violent crimes
Sex crimes
Federal crimes
Most other misdemeanors and felonies